Yogi Shanti Desai's Publications

Practice Manuals (1976-1986)

Yoga: Holistic Practice Manual 1976 Hatha Yoga Practice Manual 1978 Meditation Practice Manual 1981 Yoga for Balanced Living Workout DVD 2002 (VHS 1986)  

Philosophy, Meditation & Guidance for Living (1996- 2012)

Reality, Here and Now 1996 Self - I, Me, Mine, Ours - Illusions 2002 Dynamic Balanced Lving 2004 Dynamic Meditation for Living 2006 Dynamic Quantum Transformation 2007
Personal to Global Transformation 2007 Wisdom for Living 2009 The Secret of Bliss 2011 Dynamic Spiritual Transformation 2012  

Vedanta Philosophy & its Application (2015-2018)

Zero is Infinity 2015 Wake Up - Reflections for Spiritual Awakening 2017 Quantum Leap to Liberation 2017 Spiritual Awakening in the Age of Kali Yuga 2018 Threefold Path to Bliss 2018

Daily Inspiration and Guidance (2020)

Eternal Reality 2020 Transformation of Consciousness 2020 Recognizing Blessings in Disguise  


Daily inspiration and guidance booklets: NEW published in 2020.

Guidance and Inspiration books 2020

Recognizing Blessings in Disguise, Transformation of Consciousness and Eternal Reality are available at Amazon and from Shanti.

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Yogi Shanti Desai

Yogi Shanti Desai is an awakened yoga master and a new age revolutionary thinker.

He has a vision of personal awakening and transformation that can lead to global transformation.

His wisdom is the result of practicing yoga, living with awareness, contentment and being rooted in the Self.

“I have lived my entire life applying yoga philosophies and have found contentment. I have reached the final stage of life called renunciation. I am here to serve unconditionally.”